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Northridge Dental Implant Center offers you single tooth implants, implant bridges, implant-supported dentures, and a variety of other options to restore any missing teeth you may have. We are devoted to enhancing and restoring your smile with our state-of-the-art procedures.

When you have a dental implant done by any of our specially trained dentists, you receive personalized restorative, high-quality cosmetic dental care. At Northridge Dental Implant Center, we use only top-notch techniques that enable us to restore and enhance your teeth. The result will be you walking away with a long-lasting, beautiful smile.

Dental implants generally fall under the category of cosmetic dentistry. Receiving an implant helps a patient to feel more confident in their smile as well as their chewing. At Northridge Dental Implant Center, you will receive an aesthetically and attractive dental implant to replace any missing teeth you may have. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on how your gums, teeth, and smile appear. This appearance is based both on aesthetics and the balance with your other facial features. Northridge Dental Implant Center dentists are certified and specialize in oral surgery and will provide your dental implant as well as let you know how to maintain the implant.

Dental implants are placed directly into your jaw bone and act as anchors to secure an artificial denture or tooth. Most tooth replacements bring back only the part of the tooth you can see, but with the dental implant, your root structure is also restored. At Northridge Dental Implant Center, our implants are made of medical-grade titanium, which is the same as is used for joint replacement surgery. With a dental implant from Northridge Dental Implant Center, you can rest assured your new tooth will function and look just like your other natural teeth.

Choosing between a bridge, denture, or an implant is your choice and one that Northridge Dental Implant Center will help you decide. There are several advantages in choosing an implant which include:

  • They prevent future tooth or bone loss as the posts which are implanted support your natural done replacement.

  • You will not experience any sore spots or slippage associated with having dentures as the dental implant is stable and remains secure. It will sit inside your mouth just as a natural tooth would, and will not rely on your other teeth or gums for support.

  • The dental implant provides you with more confidence when you smile or eat than a denture can give you.

  • A dental implant is the only treatment you can receive from your dentist that will stop bone loss after you’ve lost a tooth. By preventing future bone loss, you preserve the overall shape of your face.

  • There are no other dental restoration processes that will work like the dental implant. The implant restores your looks, function, and strength of your teeth.

The dental implant is able to accomplish what no other dental treatment can, and that is to replace an entire tooth. If you have the traditional bridge or get a denture, you are only bringing back the crown of your tooth. When you have a dental implant at Northridge Dental Implant Center, you are restoring the root and receiving a whole new tooth attached to it.

The dental implant helps close annoying gaps in your teeth that make everyday tasks such as speaking, chewing, and even laughing difficult. This implant also solves your tooth loss permanently and does not restrict you on what you can chew or eat once the procedure is complete. Our service doesn't end with the procedure. You may call or check in with our Northridge Dental Implant Center office anytime you have questions or concerns with your new implant.

What to Expect with a Dental Implant at Northridge Dental Implant Center

When you arrive at your first of three visits for implants at Northridge Dental Implant Center, you will be greeted by some of the most dedicated and motivated staff members. At Northridge Dental Implant Center, we are a team that is caring and educated, with our goal being to restore your smile.

During your first visit to begin the implant process, you will have a post implanted where the artificial tooth implant will be attached. This treatment will need time to heal, so it may take several weeks before you return for your second visit.

At the second visit, you will receive an abutment that will be attached to the post from your first visit. This abutment allows the dentist to get an impression of the area receiving the implant. This impression will then be forwarded to a lab where a crown is created.

During your third visit, the newly created crown is attached to the abutment and buffed so that it fits comfortably and it feels as though it is a natural tooth. With the proper care, your dental implant will last as long as your natural teeth. Our team at Northridge Dental Implant Center will go over any questions you may have concerning the maintenance of your new implant.

Meet the Dental Implant Specialist

Dental implants are considered cosmetic surgery, and you cannot be in better hands than Dr. Isaac Kashani at Northridge Dental Implant Center. He is one of the leading dentists in the area with an excellent reputation for performing cosmetic surgery procedures. Through his expertise and extensive knowledge, he has applied his professional artistic skill to patients and restored their beautiful smiles.

Dr. Isaac Kahen Kashani has received a wealth of training in cosmetic dentistry and uses the latest techniques with artistic skills. Not only do his patients leave after a dental implant feeling more confident, but they are also now able to perform their daily tasks without any dental interference.

Dr. Kashani's education includes having finished his dentistry studies at one of the oldest dental schools in the United States, New York University College of Dentistry, after he received his bachelor's degree. He has always had a passion for art and an interest in the healing process as well as a gift of manual dexterity. All this adds up to a sensitive, creative, professional, and excellent dentist. Applying his skills and passion for helping his patients has earned him a reputation for excellence in the dentistry community. He is widely known for having treated some of the most challenging cases of cosmetic dentistry with the highest quality restorative dental care.

When you choose Northridge Dental Implant Center and Dr. Kashani, you are getting the dental care you can trust. We have earned the rank of one of the best dental clinics in the area and have helped to restore the functions of patients' mouths and well as their smiles. It is Dr. Kashani's goal that you leave with your dental implant feeling more confident and loving the way you look.

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