Missing several or even a single tooth is not fun. It is uncomfortable, inconveniencing, and it could make you feel embarrassed. And what is more, waiting for a new tooth replacement is annoying and can affect your eating negatively. Many options for tooth replacement occur in a span of a few weeks or months. However, there’s a treatment option that replaces missing teeth in just a single day.

Northridge Dental Implant Center offers same-day tooth replacement services to restore smiles, beauty, and confidence just in one clinic visit. If you live in Northridge, CA, and you need to restore your tooth urgently, do not hesitate to reach out to us. In this article, you will learn about how same-day missing tooth replacement treatment is performed and whether you would be a qualified candidate for one.

Immediate Dental Implants for Same-Day Tooth Replacement

An immediate dental implant refers to an implant that’s put in the bone immediately after the extraction of your tooth/teeth. Usually, it’s fixed during the same single visit you go to have your tooth extracted. However, in other instances, it may also be placed within a period two weeks after you have removed your tooth and will still be termed as an immediate implant. In case a dental bridge or crown is attached to an immediate implant for tooth restoration, this is referred to as immediate loading. The immediate loading of immediate dental implants is the most appropriate choice for any patient.

Traditional Implants Vs. Immediate Load Dental Implants

As we have discussed above, when a dentist talks about an ‘immediate load,’ he/she is talking about placing a temporary dental crown soon after he/she has inserted the implant. Usually, this is done for aesthetic reasons, though immediately loaded dental implants could be functional too. This implies that you can use them to eat and brush them. And a patient may get a full immediate dental implant in a single day, which means it could be for several or all of your teeth, and not just one tooth.

One kind of immediate load implants is all-on-4 lower denture. Here, four dental implants are fixed in the jawbone to offer support for a complete denture. In this case, your dentist would put a non-permanent prosthesis on top of the dental implants to achieve a natural appearance while the dental implants join with the jawbone.

The dissimilarity between traditional implants and immediately loaded ones is the period between implant placement and crown placement. When it comes to traditional implants, the dentist might have to wait for a few weeks before attaching the crown on the dental implant. The reason for waiting is that the jawbone needs healing and also to fuse with the dental implant.

An immediately-loaded implant is whereby your dentist places a non-permanent crown immediately after fixing the dental implant. Traditional implants may require three to six months between inserting the dental implant and placing the crown.

The Cost of Immediate Dental Implants

It is difficult to quote the exact price of same-day implants since every situation is different. However, these kinds of dental implants can generally range from $3,000 to $30,000 in price based on the number of artificial teeth one needs, the type of dental implants they are, and the charges of the dentist.

Since you will only need a single visit to the office for the same-day dental implant procedure, the price ought to be lower compared to other procedures. One way through which you may save much more is a dental discount plan. This can enable you to have discounts of as high as 60% on several dental services.

The same-day implant restoration price can go up to $30,000, based on the number of implants the patient needs and how complex the surgery is.

How Same-Day Tooth Replacement Works

When it comes to same-day tooth replacement, a dental implant is fixed in the jawbone, and then a temporary crown gets attached to close the space where the missing tooth was. This implies that you’ll never go minus a tooth, even when the implant is still healing.

Dental implants refer to small metal rods placed into the bone which have human-made teeth known as crowns affixed to them. A single implant and crown can fill the gap left by one missing tooth, or several implants can be placed strategically to support several teeth, or otherwise a complete dental restoration.

Whereas most dentists only restore dental implants, the dentists at Northridge Dental Implant Center offer complete treatment procedures from the surgical placing of that implant through cosmetic restoration. After that, a non-permanent crown is fixed, which occupies the gap left by the missing tooth to restore the functionality and feel of the natural tooth. After the implant heals fully, your dentist will later attach the permanent tooth.

Even though it’s a non-permanent crown, patients qualified to undergo the same-day tooth replacement procedure can witness instant results. The moment the implant heals fully, the permanent replacement crown will be installed but doesn’t require further implant surgery.

Several patients benefit from tooth replacement. Sometimes, however, the waiting period of the new teeth is inconveniencing. That is why same-day tooth replacement is an ideal option for most patients.

Same-Day Tooth Replacement Dentists

What kind of dentist carries out a same-day tooth replacement treatment procedure? Any dentist that conducts dental implant procedures, including oral surgeons, general dentists, and periodontists, can perform same-day tooth replacement treatment. But, not all dentists will perform them. For instance, prosthodontists and general dentists are the only types of dentists that can restore implants.

There’re a few prosthodontists and general dentists that will both place & restore implants. These are the types of dentists you should look for if you want your tooth restored immediately. These dentists can extract the tooth then replace it with an implant, abutment, and crown in a few hours. That is why you need to consult with your dentist before going for this kind of tooth replacement.

Not every dentist performs same-day tooth replacement procedures because these processes come with different risks. Therefore, a complication may endanger the patient’s life and damage the dentist’s profession.

Who Qualifies for the Same-Day Tooth Replacement Treatment Option

If you wish to undergo a same-day tooth replacement procedure, you will have to consult your dentist and find out if you are a qualified candidate. Our dentists determine whether or not you are eligible for this process in a consultation meeting. Your dental and medical history will be reviewed, your mouth examined, and x-rays obtained during this meeting. The purpose of all these is to determine the ideal implant placement choice for you.

First, your oral health should be in good condition as well as your general physical health. This means that you might not be capable of undergoing same-day tooth replacement procedure if you smoke, have hygiene issues, any chronic disease, or autoimmune disease.

In case the tooth that’s being replaced can be seen when you smile, then same-day tooth replacement is an ideal solution for you, so you do not have to live any moment without a tooth. Additionally, a patient seeking to use implant-supported dentures is perfect to undergo this kind of procedure.

Patients that don’t have sufficient supporting jawbone underneath might need to undergo treatment before their implants are placed. However, it is critical to consult your cosmetic dental professional about what options you are considering. We have several different options for which a person that has missing teeth can opt.

Additionally, if you are suffering from teeth clenching or teeth grinding, a same-day tooth replacement might not be the best option since these conditions can affect the long-term prognosis of tooth replacement therapy. You may not qualify for this treatment option if you use bisphosphonates (medications for osteoporosis) or have diabetes that is poorly controlled. These conditions might place you at the danger of implant failure.

You also need to have an adequate jawbone for your chances of success at this procedure to be higher. If the underlying jawbone is still intact, or your tooth loss was recent, it is most likely that you qualify for this procedure.

If you wish to undergo a dental implant procedure for same-day tooth replacement, you need to be fully committed to maintaining a healthy body and mouth. Sometimes dental implants indeed fail irrespective of your health and hygiene. However, any possible thing you could do to have the implant be a success is recommended.

If you’ve good physical and oral health, and do not smoke or suffer from an autoimmune disease, or use prescription bisphosphonate medications, you should qualify for same-day tooth replacement.

Risks Involved in Same-Day Tooth Replacement Procedure

An immediate dental implant, when performed correctly, is exceptionally safe. Just like other dental processes, there are various risks involved. Fortunately, these dangers are few and easily treated if complications arise.

Adequate planning using 3-D x-ray technology by a skilled dentist who has conducted this procedure several times in the past is crucial. Also, proper diet and post-operative care will ensure a successful process. Usually, dentists will instruct patients not to bite down on their freshly placed teeth for three to four months. It’s critical to note that the dental implant to jawbone connection does not get stronger as days pass. It will first grow weaker for the initial six weeks then start getting stronger as days pass.

Same-Day Tooth Replacement Benefits

Visiting a dentist to see if your tooth is going to be extracted is heart-wrenching, particularly if it will be one among the front teeth. Your dentist will provide you with different options to temporarily choose from to temporarily replace that tooth until the gap is left by the extracted tooth heals. These options may include a flipper, denture, partial denture, an Essix retainer, or bridge.

The dentist will then inform you that you will have to wait three to four months before placing a permanent dental bridge or dental implant. He/she then further tells you that you will have to wait another four months after the dental implant placement before having a permanent crown attached to the dental implant.

For all this period, you will be putting on a temporary dental bridge, detachable partial denture, or you will just have a gap left by the missing tooth. If you don’t want to go through all these, you can get an I.V or oral sedation, have the tooth extracted, have an immediate implant carefully placed into the gap of the extracted tooth, and then restored with a non-permanent crown, just in a single visit. Despite the risks it will have, this procedure also has its advantages that include:

  1. Less Time-Consuming

The evident benefit of the same-day tooth replacement process is that it is completed in only a few visits, and sometimes only a single visit. This excessively reduces the time you spend in a dental clinic and the time you spend with a gap in your mouth. When you opt for other options for restoring missing teeth, it may take months for the procedure to complete.

  1. The Gums Bond Better With The Crown

Since the crown is placed on the dental implant immediately, the gums usually grow around it, which makes it appear more natural. But, there’s the possibility that the remodeling of tissue may be needed after the implant placement.

The same-day tooth replacement procedures we perform at Northridge Dental Implant Center are precisely executed. Our dentists utilize specialized technology when it comes to tooth extraction, implant site preparation and safeguarding of the newly attached implant through its healing process. We will make your restorations in a way that they fit perfectly against your neighboring teeth to prevent potential bacterial infection and food traps.

Due to these advanced procedures, our treatment is more comfortable than various multi-step processes that can spread out to one year. Implant placement and offering immediate tooth replacement will also yield positive results since there’s a reduced chance for the gum and bone to shrink. Also, the quality of every aspect of our treatment makes it possible for the dental implants to heal as fast as possible.

The advantages of same-day implants are apparent. They are quicker, they only involve a single surgery with no stitches, and the gums often grow around the crown much better. However, note that all these benefits will occur if only the procedure is successful.

Downsides of Same-Day Tooth Replacement

Here are the various disadvantages linked with same-day tooth replacement treatment. These are the reasons why particular dentists do not provide this service.

  1. It is Only for Specified Cases

A same-day tooth replacement needs to merge with a healthy bone, and it should likely be capable of withstanding a given amount of force. The ideal candidate for same-day tooth replacement should already have a strong jawline and healthy teeth.

  1. Implant Movement Elevates the Chances of Failure

For your same-day tooth replacement procedure to succeed, the tooth shouldn’t move. For this reason, the process in itself is quite precise. Your dentist must attach the tooth in a manner that makes sure it does not move whatsoever.

  1. Any Tooth-Replacement Surgery has its Risks

The dangers of same-day tooth replacement aren’t unique from the other dental processes. Every time a dental professional carries out any form of oral surgery, there’s a possibility of possible complications and risks. Other dangers like infection, pain, and tooth failure are all potentials with same-day tooth replacement surgery. Like other dental implants, the most significant risks when it comes to same-day dental implants include infection, implant movement, and pain.

Step-By-Step Same-Day Tooth Replacement Procedure

Generally, an immediate dental implant is necessary because of a non-restorable tooth fracture. In particular cases, there might be infections linked to the fractured and cracked tooth. The placement procedure starts with an examination, 3-D, or 2-D x-rays. Your dentist will make a diagnosis and then discuss treatment options with you. Generally, the various steps involved in your same-day tooth replacement procedure include:

  1. Pre-Surgical Appointment

Before embarking on the procedure, your dentist will first hold a consultation meeting with you. It is during this meeting that the dentist can assess your medical and dental history, answer the questions you will have, and brief you of what he/she will do. It is also at this stage that your sedation options will be discussed & planned (that is, I.V Vs. oral sedation. Pain medication, antibiotics, mouth wash, anti-inflammatories, and sedatives will be prescribed along with instructions on when and how to take them.

Additionally, your dentist will carry out different diagnostic tests, including C.T scans, take photos of your mouth, and X-rays. The outcome of these tests will give your dentist a better suggestion of what he/she should expect. The dentist will analyze these images, and he/she may even show them to you. He/she will then generate your mouth’s blueprint and the treatment procedure plan. Each step of the surgical procedure has to be well-planned with specified goals in consideration.

  1. The Surgery

The first step towards surgery is that you will receive anesthesia, often the one that will put you to sleep in the course of the surgical procedure, even though your anesthesiologist might choose to go for local anesthesia. When you go to sleep, or when the affected place is numbed, your dental surgeon will start the procedure.

First, the damaged tooth is extracted carefully to prevent any damage to the adjacent bone. The left gap is then inspected & cleaned thoroughly to ensure none of the infected tissues remain. Following the guide, your surgeon will put the implant into the bone. Implant placement is a relatively quick step. After the installation, the crown will be cemented onto the implant once the surgical procedure is done.

Before cementing the crown, further bone grafting might be mandatory to fill the gaps between the implant and the remainder of the extraction socket. Additionally, a platelet soft-tissue or membrane graft might be used to safeguard the bone graft. After that, the non-permanent crown will be temporarily attached and adjusted to ensure it isn’t touching any opposing teeth when biting or grinding.

  1. Post-Operative Checkup

Two weeks after undergoing the surgical procedure, a patient usually returns for quick follow-up exams. Also, the patient makes his/her appointment so that the permanent restoration is fabricated in fourteen more weeks. Dentists at the Northridge Dental Implant Center can fabricate the permanent crown just in one visit.

Same-Day Tooth Replacement Pain

You’ll experience a degree of discomfort and pain once the anesthesia fades away. This is always the case when it comes to surgical procedures, putting in mind that your gums were just cut, and the surgeon drilled into the jawbone.

The good thing, however, is that your dentist will prescribe to you pain-relieving medications and provide pain-relieving solutions like getting a lot of rest and using ice packs.

The process for same-day tooth replacement involves anesthesia, the cleaning of the surgical place, placing the dental implant into a patient’s jawbone, then attaching the dental crown right after.

Find Competitive Dental Implant Services for Same-Tooth Replacement Near Me

Lacking teeth on your jawline shouldn’t be the reason to feel less confident about yourself and hide behind others. At Northridge Dental Implant Center, we provide various options of dental implants, including same-day tooth replacement, which will suit your teeth. With same-day tooth replacement, you won’t have to go even a single day with a missing tooth. The tooth will be replaced the same day it is extracted. We are committed to delivering durable treatment to our patients, which makes our services known throughout the area. If need be, we will arrange for a custom dental treatment of your suiting, if you have a particular requirement concerning your treatment. If you wish to undergo a same-day tooth replacement procedure, contact us at 818-925-9181 to plan your visit to our offices and get the treatment you deserve. We serve Northridge residents who have dental-related problems.