The teeth are essential for our general wellbeing. Living with a missing tooth is enough to deny a person great joy in their life. When you are no longer able to smile as much as you would like, it affects not just the way you socialize but also the way you feel about yourself. The good thing is that these days, there is an option for people to replace their missing teeth. It is among the life-changing experiences anyone that has lived with a missing tooth would have. It means that you will be able to live a full life again.

Replacing a missing tooth is achieved through a dental implant procedure, which can be done by a skilled and experienced dental expert. At Northridge Dental Implant Center, we have a fantastic team of dentists that could help you recover your lost tooth by providing affordable and long-lasting solutions. Get in touch with us today if you are in Northridge, CA, and let us restore your smile.

Overview of Dental Implant Procedures

Missing a natural tooth is not unusual for many people in Northridge. There are many causes of missing teeth among many adults living today. The leading cause is gum diseases, which account for almost 70% of teeth loss cases in California.  Gum/periodontal diseases are caused by an infection that affects the gums and jawbone, which could result in teeth loss. The condition is preventable through proper oral hygiene, but if left untreated, it could leave the affected person with one or several missing teeth. 

Dental cavities are the second most common issues that could result in a missing tooth. Cavities are holes in teeth that result from a bacterial infection. Some teeth with cavities can be restored, but if a more substantial part of the tooth has been affected, then the dentist may not have much choice but to extract the remaining part. Other people lose their natural teeth through trauma or severe physical injuries. It could happen in case a person is involved in an accident or a fight.

The good thing is that the advancing technology has made it easier for dentists these days to replace missing teeth and help the affected people live a healthy life with no worry. Dental implants have changed the lives of many people. Dental implants are, currently, the closest any person with a missing tooth can get to a healthy natural tooth. An implant will allow you to laugh, talk, smile, eat, and enjoy life confidently, the same way you would do with your natural teeth. Therefore, if you have been suffering from missing tooth/teeth, you can get in touch with a professionally trained dentist to have it replaced.

Dental implants are artificial roots, which take the shape of screws, used to support false teeth, just the same way natural tooth roots support natural teeth. They are designed in a way that they will bond with the natural jawbone to create a natural look and feel. Dental implants do not work alone. They need a connector, which is the abutment. The abutment is placed at the top of the implant to support and hold the artificial teeth in place. Lastly, there will be false teeth or dental crowns, which are designed to match the natural teeth of the patient.

Modern dentists have been using dental implants on their patients for over 30 years. It is a procedure that has been tested and proven to provide a natural replacement of missing teeth. Implants are also the most reliable devices at the moment to support replacement teeth. They also allow the artificial teeth to function, feel, and look natural. For the best results, you need to work with a well-trained and experienced dental implant expert.

Dental Implant Dentures

As mentioned above, dental implants have made things extremely easy for people who have damaged or missing teeth. It is the best solution available today in getting your teeth back. What dental implant experts insert an implant as a metal frame or base into space where the missing tooth was. The dentures or teeth replacements have to be well secured to look, feel, and function like natural teeth. There are several options available for dental patients who want to get denture implants, which are the kinds of dentures that are supported by implants. 

When it comes to the installation of dental implants, your dentist will give you several options, depending on the uniqueness of your problem. You may choose to go for denture implants, which is why you need to understand their advantages and disadvantages. Generally, implant dentures are preferred because of their health benefits, functionality, comfort as well as aesthetic. They are also the best way to replace a full dental arch of missing teeth. What makes them different from the traditional dentures is that with implant dentures, the patient can speak, chew, and even laugh without worrying that their dental replacements will slip out of place.

Advantages of Denture Implants

There are several reasons why implant dentures are gaining so much in popularity across the globe. Some of the benefits you should be aware of include:

They Improve Your General Appearance

If a person has a couple of missing teeth, there is likely to be a significant change in their facial appearance. Without some teeth, there will be not enough jawbones to stimulate bone growth. The body of a human being can sense if a person's jawbone needs to support any more teeth. If there are no teeth to support, the jawbone will start pulling tissues away from the mouth to be used elsewhere. It is what causes the facial appearance of a person to change. If the missing teeth are not replaced immediately, the person could experience a deformed chin, lips, or even wrinkly skin.

They Preserve Your Jawbone

The continuous existence of teeth, whether natural or artificial, will cause your jawbones to continue growing to support the teeth. If the missing teeth are not replaced soon enough, you may end up losing your jawbone, which is why your facial appearance starts to change. Denture implants are an excellent way of preserving your jawbone and ensuring that your mouth is functioning as it should all the time. If the reason for your teeth loss was periodontal disease or cavity, your jawbone could deteriorate further if the problem is not treated soon enough.

They Boost Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

No one feels confident enough when they have dental issues, notably missing teeth. Many people lose their self-esteem, and so they are not able to socialize and enjoy life as they did before the loss. Replacing your missing teeth is an excellent way of regaining your confidence and esteem back. Denture implants ensure that your restored teeth function, feel and look exactly like your natural teeth. In that case, you can live a full life without worrying that people might know about your replaced teeth. Again, quality teeth replacements give you a better look and a healthier jawbone. It boosts how you feel, both physically and mentally.

They Give You a Better Quality Life

Good oral health is suitable for a person's overall well being. When your mouth has a problem, whether it is pain, bleeding gums, or missing teeth, you will not feel physically well until the issue is resolved. The best solution for missing teeth is a replacement, which is what you get with implant dentures. Once your missing or damaged teeth are replaced, you will feel more confident, comfortable, and can enjoy an overall good life. With a better quality of life, you can smile, speak easily, enjoy life, and eat with no worries.

Types Of Denture Implants

If you have decided to go for denture implants, there are two main options to go for:

  • Removable implant dentures
  • Fixed implant dentures

Both of these could either be partial or full dentures. Just as their names suggest, the removable denture implants are those that are not permanently fixed, while the fixed denture implants are those that are non-removable.

Fixed Implant Dentures

Fixed denture implants are best suited for dental patients who might require a full set of artificial teeth. They are the best for teeth replacement for patients who have two or more missing teeth at the same location in the mouth. Some people only lose one tooth at a time, while others lose more teeth in one instance. If, for example, your teeth suffered a gum disease or other types of dental complications, it is possible to have more damaged or missing teeth in one place. Losing an entire arch of teeth is also possible if you have been involved in an accident.

Before dental implants came into existence, dentists used a little bit of suction to ensure that dentures stayed in place, at least for a given period. For patients who needed more replacements, a particular type of adhesive or cream would be used, though it was very messy. All those traditional methods had to be replaced because none of them provided a lasting and more-appealing solution as we get with implant dentures. The discovery of dental implants years later offered the solution dentists, and dental patients were looking for. Now, dental patients get to enjoy the functionality, comfort, and the aesthetic look and feel of their replaced teeth, just the same way they did with their natural teeth.

Fixed implant dentures are also suitable for patients whose teeth are too damaged to salvage. Sometimes the only available solution for such patients is to have all their teeth removed, then replaced with healthy, more functional teeth. In that case, your dentist may suggest dentures that are supported by implants to give you a more permanent look and feel.

What are The Benefits?

Fixed implant dentures feel, look, and work just the same way as your natural teeth. The last thing a person needs after teeth replacement is discomfort while talking or eating. The good thing is that dentists today have a solution that will give you precisely what you have missed, only that your teeth will not be the natural ones you have lost. Since they look just the same as the natural teeth, no one needs to know that you have some or all of your teeth replaced.

Again, the full functionality of your mouth is restored after the installation of the fixed implant dentures. If, after losing your teeth, there are certain foods you could not comfortably eat, you will be able to regain that functionality. Therefore, if your teeth are damaged to the extent that you cannot chew properly, it may be right to consider a solution that will give you back the full functionality of your mouth.

Implant dentures that are permanently fixed will not slip off when you are eating or talking. This is the worry for many people who have lost their teeth and would like to have them replaced. It is embarrassing to have some or all your teeth slip when you are talking or even eating. It means that your confidence in socializing, smiling, and even eating will never come back after teeth replacement. This is, however, a thing of the past once you choose fixed implant dentures.

Fixed implant dentures will also help preserve jawbone loss for better oral health and facial look. You do not have to worry that your face is becoming distorted after losing a set of teeth. Your lips and general appearance, as well as your oral health, will be preserved for your general wellbeing.

Again, fixed implants allow your new dentures to contour, and so, they look more like natural teeth. It is the only dental replacement solution that helps dental patients to enjoy a full set of teeth without becoming anxious or conscious whenever they are out there.

Finally, fixed implant dentures can last a lifetime. Unlike other dental replacement solutions out there, you can enjoy your implant-supported dentures for so many years, without having to undergo the procedure again. However, proper maintenance and regular checkup are required for quality service for all those years. Again, the dentures are usually screwed in. It means that even after years of chewing and biting, you can still enjoy great functionality and aesthetics with your new replacements. 

The Cost of Fixed Denture Implants

One of the things you must consider when deciding to go for fixed denture implants is the overall cost of the treatment. Generally, there is no single cost for this kind of dental procedure, and what you are required to pay is dependent on several factors.

First, the number of implants you need will determine the overall cost. Patients who need fewer implants will pay a lot less than those who will need more implants. It all goes down to the number of missing or damaged teeth that require replacement.

In addition to that, the other procedures that the patient will need before replacement will determine the overall cost of the procedure. In case of damaged teeth, for instance, your dentist may decide to start by removing them, then preparing the gum for dental replacement. People whose gums or jawbones are already damaged will require additional treatment to ensure that their implants are well-placed and will work as effectively as possible. You may need to speak to your dentist first to determine whether or not there are other dental procedures you may need before getting your implant-supported dentures. It will help you determine the amount of money you will need for the entire treatment.

The type of implants you need will also determine the cost of your treatment. People who opt for removable implant-supported dentures will, for instance, pay less than those who opt for the fixed option. However, it is essential to consider other factors, such as the fact that the fixed implants will serve you for a lifetime. It means that you reduce the cost of getting the same treatment once again after successful treatment. Still, fixed dentures will not require constant removal and placement, which might damage them sooner than later. They can only be removed by a professional during regular checkups and cleaning. 

The material used in the final restoration process should also determine the overall cost of your dental restoration procedure. There are several options available, depending on your preference and the amount of money you can raise for the procedure. For a long time, porcelain has been the primary material used in the making of dentures. Today, we have resin taking over that popularity as it is more affordable and lighter. It is advisable to weigh all the available options, and then make the right decision for your needs.

Other determining factors include the doctor’s training and your location. A highly trained dental implant expert with so many years of experience might charge more money for his/her services than one who is just getting started. The problem is that many people will prefer working with a dental expert with the right training and experience. In that case, you should be ready to pay a little more for the services.

The Treatment Process for Fixed Implant Dentures

Getting fixed implant dentures is not as long a process as it might sound. The new technology has made things very easy for everyone, including dental implant experts such that patients can have their implants and dentures prepared and fixed on the same day of their appointment. It means that if you have been dealing with pain, ugly teeth, or the embarrassment of missing teeth, you can change all that in just one day. In only a few hours, all your damaged teeth, if any, will be removed, implants will be placed, and brand new temporary teeth will be placed to give you a fantastic transformation.

Like every dental procedure, this one will start with booking an appointment with an experienced dental implant expert if you have already decided to have your damaged or missing teeth replaced. Your dentist will conduct an examination to assess whether or not you are suitable for dental implants. During the exam, your dentist will use digital tools to measure and examine your jawbone. After that, he/she will give you the best options for your case. If you are suitable and ready for fixed implant dentures, your dentist will kick-start the restoration process.

If your gums or jawbone has been damaged, your dentist will have to prepare it first for dental implants. Some of the processes that can be used in this case include bone grafting and lift surgery. Bone grafting will help replace all the tissues you may have lost. Sinus lift surgery, on the other hand, will help augment the upper jaw to prevent the implants from getting into contact with the sinus tissues. After that, the process of replacing your missing or the damaged tooth will start.

Note that dental implants will require a month or thereabout to heal. It is after they have completely healed that you can get ready to have your dentures placed. All the while, you will be using temporary artificial teeth that are installed to guide the dentist on where the dentures will be placed. Once the dentures are placed, you can use them just the same way as the natural teeth.

Find Fixed Implant Denture Services Near Me

If you have a missing or damaged set of teeth, you need to know that there is a solution out there that can give you the functionality, look, and feel of your natural teeth. Fixed Implant Dentures is the solution you have been waiting for. After the procedure, you should be able to live a full life without worries. It is also a solution that will serve you for a lifetime. If you are dealing with missing teeth, Northridge Dental Implant Center is the dental office where you should be looking to receive dental implant services. For more information about a procedure that will change your life completely, call us at 818-925-9181.